Hi, I'm Beth!

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Why do I groom dogs in their homes?

   While in grooming school, I learned that many dogs, just like cats, do not do well in the busy environment of a grooming shop. Many dogs have anxiety. Some dogs are easily overwhelmed when there is too much activity or other dogs nearby. These dogs are often branded as having "behavior problems."

   Grooming in the dog's home allows them to remain where they feel safe and comfortable. With a quiet, gentle approach and the pet parent present for emotional support, many of these behaviors quickly dissipate

   Helping anxious animals to have a good grooming experience has become a passion of mine and the central mission of my work. 

How did I get here?

   My childhood "best friend" was Sporter, a stunning specimen of a beagle.

   Sporter taught me to love all animals, even the rabbits that he loved to hunt and the skunks that he would find instead of the rabbits. Because of the skunks, my family learned through trial and error that natural, plant-based shampoos are more effective and gentle than heavily perfumed types.

   Sporter taught us that dogs not only need our love, but need routine care to stay healthy and happy.

   This is why my business is named in loving memory of Sporter. 

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