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In-Home Mobile Dog Grooming for Anxious and Older Dogs

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About Me

   Hi, I'm Beth! I started my grooming career as a cat groomer in New York City. In 2016 I moved myself and my business to Seattle. I was getting so many requests to groom dogs that I decided to go to dog grooming school to become a Certified Master Dog Groomer. 

   While I was going to grooming school, I discovered why an in-home grooming service was getting so many requests to take dogs...


Just a Bath

Just a Bath

Just a Bath

Odds & Ends

The Full Service

Price: $110

This package includes:

  • Bath using all natural shampoo/conditioner

  • Blow-dry

  • Brush-out

  • Professional haircut

  • nail trim with toe tuft shave

  • Ear & eye cleaning (if needed) 

Need a Professional?

Price: $85

If giving your dog a bath is something that you are comfortable with, but you need a professional to do the haircut, this service option is for you!

The key to a great haircut is starting with a clean coat. I ask that your dog be bathed the night before and airdried overnight.

After that, I will take over to produce a polished, professional look.

Sometimes a Dog Just Needs a Bath

Price: $60

Short haired dogs may not need a haircut, but most dogs need a bath from time to time.

I can always accommodate a bath for a small dog that fits inside your kitchen sink!

Larger dogs can be bathed as well, but you must have a hand held sprayer for your tub.

Baths include a blow-dry and brushing.


Price: $25

Keeping nails trimmed is more comfortable for your dog and avoids scratches on your floors. 

I recommend nail trimmings every 4-6 weeks.

Nails may need to be trimmed more frequently for young dogs.

This service can include a toe tuft shaving for those who need it. 

From Heads to Bottoms

Price: $25-35

Your dog may need a touch-up in certain areas in between full service grooming sessions.

Toe tufts and bottoms often grow faster than the rest of the hair.

This service can also include ear and eye care, which are trouble areas for some breeds.

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Just a Bath


Reasons To Choose In-Home Grooming

For Older Dogs

As dogs age, their stamina and tolerance for environmental activity decreases. Many older dogs no longer have the energy to make the trip to a grooming shop, wait for their turn to be groomed and then stand throughout the grooming process. In-home grooming allows older dogs to conserve their energy in the calm environment where they are most comfortable, their own home.

For Anxious Dogs

Dogs can be anxious for a number of reasons. Some dogs do not do well in the presence of people or other dogs that they don't know. Some dogs have a decreased ability to handle stimulation due to illness, disability or past trauma. No matter what the cause is, the key to helping anxious dogs lies in a gentle approach, allowing frequent breaks while grooming, and using as little restraint as possible. 

For Peace Of Mind

The in-home Fear Free model of grooming means that you are included in the process. You don't have to wonder how your dog is doing at the groomers because the pet parent is always present for the whole grooming session.  You participate by giving your dog emotional support, calming cues and making sure that they are always comfortable on the grooming table.